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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Hague Latest: ‘if only they knew the truth…

Julian Bray Media Expert writes:

You really have to wonder about the quality of advice being dished out to our political leaders, William Hague in particular, and the extreme lengths they will go to 'kill' a particular story. The daft thing is that the very full statement (issued as a spoiler for the Blair 'Revenge' tome?) raises a few extra questions, and now ensures that every person in the land and millions more on the internet, 'social meeja' now knows that there is 'no smoke without fire' and that William Hague is currently sitting on a huge mile high bonfire and fanning the flames with self-generated methane.

Nowhere in the statement are the words "sexuality", "homosexual", "gay", "lover" or other descriptive nouns for a sexual act or acts.  So even The Daily Telegraph Sub-Editor adding the lead picture headline Hague: 'I have never had a gay affair' is so wrong because the carefully but wrongly worded written press statement (in full below) simply does not deny any gay affair !

Unlike Bill (oh another 'B') Clintion who said 'I did not have sex with that woman'...err no Bill! Apparently the interns uncleaned dress (with alleged semen) remains locked up in a bank vault somewhere. Why?

The statement contains blatent untruths:  "... is any suggestion that I have ever been involved in a relationship with any man." So that would rule out his Dad! Brothers (if any, I don't care), Cousins, Uncles and so on?

You see how silly this is, the PR numptie or more likely the closeted lawyer who drafted the press statement, has tried to skirt around the word SEX and in the process given the 'red tops' and SkyNews enough material to keep them going until Christmas ---2013.

Just how bad this is, I actually find myself as a veteran international PR practitioner, for the first time ever, actually agreeing with the Beatles former Press Agent [NO he wasn't - Ed!] Max Clifford (truly the founding fathers of the Institute of Public Relations in the UK and my career mentors, all now deceased, must be spinning in their celestial press release lined caskets!).

It also doesn't help that Christopher Myers who occasionally (ie more than once) SHARED TWIN HOTEL ROOMS with multi-millionaire William Hague, has flounced off (sorry resigned) and it only needs one tabloid picture of Myers in a 'clinch' with a new homosexual (there, I've said it) partner and William 'B' Hague is political toast. I however doubt if he will be in post by Christmas.....  

Hague Statement IN FULL

“I feel it is necessary to issue this personal statement in response to press and internet speculation over the last ten days. Earlier this year a Sunday newspaper began questioning whether my marriage to

Ffion was in trouble, and last week another media outlet asked whether there was a statement about our supposed separation. This seemed to be linked to equally untrue speculation surrounding the appointment of Christopher Myers as a Special Adviser. Christopher Myers has demonstrated commitment and political talent over the last eighteen months. He is easily qualified for the job he holds. Any suggestion that his appointment was due to an improper relationship between us is utterly false, as is any suggestion that I have ever been involved in a relationship with any man.

This speculation seems to stem from the fact that whilst campaigning before the election we occasionally shared twin hotel rooms. Neither of us would have done so if we had thought that it in any way meant or implied something else. In hindsight I should have given greater consideration to what might have been made of that, but this is in itself no justification for allegations of this kind, which are untrue and deeply distressing to me, to Ffion and to Christopher.

He has now told me that, as a result of the pressure on his family from the untrue and malicious allegations made about him, he does not wish to continue in his position. It is a pity that a talented individual should feel that he needs to leave his job in this way. Ffion and I believe that everyone has a right to a private life.

However, we now feel it necessary to give some background to our marriage because we have had enough of this continued and hurtful speculation about us. I have made no secret of the fact that Ffion and I would love to start a family. For many years this has been our goal. Sadly this has proved more difficult for us than for most couples. We have encountered many difficulties and suffered multiple miscarriages, and indeed are still grieving for the loss of a pregnancy this summer. We are aware that the stress of infertility can often strain a marriage, but in our case, thankfully, it has only brought us closer together.

It has been an immensely traumatic and painful experience but our marriage is strong and we will face whatever the future brings together. Several years ago one Sunday paper reported that Ffion was three months pregnant, without ever checking the story with us. This made even more difficult the fact that we had only just experienced another disappointment. We have never made this information public because of the distress it would cause to our families and would not do so now were it not for the untrue rumours circulating which repeatedly call our marriage into question. We wish everyone to know that we are very happily married.

It is very regrettable to have to make this personal statement, but we have often said to each other ‘if only they knew the truth…’ Well, this is the straightforward truth. I will not be making any further comment on these matters.”
The End [?]

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JULIAN BRAY Media Expert isdn 01733 555319 ALL CODECS said...

Christopher Myers has just gone public and made a formal statement at 12:18pm he denies any "improper relationship" still no one has used the words 'sex', 'gay', homosexual, etc

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